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Over the last few years cosmetic surgery of the external female genitalia has been on the rise. Popularity of Brazilian waxing has placed more scrutiny on the anatomy of vulva and pubic area which is not concealed by hair anymore.  This along with new trends in yoga pants, swim suits and media exposure has led to the recent surge in women’s interest in vaginal rejuvenation. Whether due to congenital variations or changes due to aging, childbirth, or weight fluctuations, women who desire smaller, more youthful and symmetric genitalia would benefit from this procedure.

Reduction of labia minora besides above-mentioned aesthetic reasons is also sought for functional issues such as discomfort during intercourse or playing sports. There are different methods of performing this procedure including trimming the edge and wedge excision. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will recommend the best method to achieve your desired outcome based on your anatomy and physical exam.

Rejuvenation of labia majora with fat or resection of fat and skin from the pubic area (monsplasty) are other requested procedures to achieve a more youthful appearance. 

Surgery time is short. The area heals within 2 weeks. Sutures are dissolvable and don’t have to be removed. Patients should refrain from sexual activity for 6 weeks.

Complications are few and mostly minor such as in other plastic surgery procedures.  Change in sensation is very rare and if occurs mostly normalize after few months.

Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation with low-energy radiofrequency thermal therapy (ThermiVa) is a new and exciting innovation that allows restoration of external and internal vaginal tissue. This technology is similar to medical procedures approved for treatment of facial skin laxity. It is done in the office with no pain. No sedation or analgesia is needed. It takes less than an hour and requires no downtime. Patient can drive home after the procedure. 

After vaginal delivery women may experience vaginal laxity, reduced sexual satisfaction, dyspareunia and urinary incontinence. These problems are rarely openly discussed but have tremendous effect of women’s quality of life. ThermiVa has been employed successfully to treat stress urinary incontinence, external and internal vaginal laxity. Patients frequently report improved lubrication and sexual satisfaction.

Surgery or ThermiVa?

During your confidential consultation, based on your symptoms, concerns and your physical examination your plastic surgeon will recommend the procedure that would benefit you the most.

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Plastic Surgeon Pasadena CA
Plastic Surgeon Pasadena CA
Plastic Surgeon Pasadena CA
Plastic Surgeon Pasadena CA
Plastic Surgeon Pasadena CA
Plastic Surgeon Pasadena CA
Plastic Surgeon Pasadena CA
Plastic Surgeon Pasadena CA
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