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Gynecomastia is a common condition in men causing social anxiety and self- consciousness. It involved female-like enlargement of the male breast which could be due to hormonal imbalance (mostly in young adults and older individuals), side effect of certain medications or of unknown etiology. It can affect both or just one breast. Patient may or may not experience pain.

It is important to rule out any treatable or reversible causes of this condition prior to considering surgery. Surgical options involve liposuction of fat, excision of the enlarged gland under the nipple, and sometimes removal of excess skin. Most patients needs a combination of these options. Some patients fall on either extremes of this spectrum and only need surgery or liposuction. The scar from the excision usually falls around the dark pigmentation of nipple and is imperceptible. As in any body contouring procedures, your weight must be stable and you must have a plan to maintain it. Any significant weight changes could alter the aesthetic outcome.

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Some younger and older men develop enlarged and slightly pendulous breasts that embarrass them when they are uncovered or appear in various attires. In the vast number of cases, there are no known causes although Dr. Sasaki will review your medications and medical history. The surgical treatment for gynecomastia usually involves combining procedures to obtain a sculptured masculine appearance with imperceptible scars.

Gynecomastia represents breast enlargement that may approach the dimensions of a small female breast. Fullness to be breast area may be due not only to excess surrounding fatty tissue but also to the sizable primary breast tissue. Rarely does extra skin need to be adjusted after reduction and contouring of the underlying tissue.

Optimal candidates are men who present with firmer and thicker skin that can adjust to the reshaped breast mound. These patients should be healthy and emotionally stable. This surgery will allow them to feel better, look younger, and more importantly, define a masculine appearance.

Your first step begins with a consultation with Dr. Sasaki. He will impart vital information about your condition and perform a complete physical examination for abnormal masses. With a background in oncology, Dr. Sasaki can decide if further studies or referrals need to be done to better diagnose the masses. The amount of breast tissue, fat, and excess skin will determine the surgical approach and goals.

Surgery involves the judicious removal of fat around the breast tissue and arm pit to contour the entire chest wall to accentuate the underlying pectoralis muscle. The remaining button of breast tissue is then removed through a small incision around the lower half of the areola (darker skin around the nipple). Dr. Sasaki will leave behind enough breast tissue to define (rather than debulk ) the appearance of a masculine breast. A small drain may be inserted to evacuate any fluid for the first few days after surgery. A compressive dressing is applied over the site and removed within three days.

In selected patients, Dr. Sasaki may recommend the use of an energized liposuction procedure with a more aggressive suction cannula to remove as much fat and breast tissue through small incisions under the breast line. The doctor will provide you the most optimal choices, depending on your anatomical findings and goals.

Dr. Sasaki and his staff will give specific instructions before and after your surgery, including antibiotic and pain medications. Your surgery may be performed in the surgical suite or in an accredited outpatient facility.

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