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If you are self-conscious of the vessels on your face and nose as well as those tiny vessels on your legs and ankles, then Dr. Sasaki, his registered nurses, and skin care specialists at our Pasadena medical spa can reduce the smaller reddish and purplish-colored spider veins in your skin with sclerotherapy.

Acne Rosacea

On the face and neck, patients generally are concerned about acne rosacea. The vascular component of acne rosacea consists of flushing on the cheeks, nose or chin that becomes exacerbated with exercise, temperature fluctuations, hormonal changes, and the effects from alcoholic beverages and certain foods. Acne rosacea is believed to have a genetic background that is potentiated by sun damage and stress. At times the sebaceous oil glands become more active and increase in size, leading to localized pain, infection, and distortions. Acne rosacea can be controlled by a strict regimen of effective sunscreen, gentle skin cleansers, and at times topical and oral antibiotics. For some, topical MetroGel may reduce the presence of vessels and calm down acne. These medically-based skin care services, provided by the skincare specialists in the Sasaki InnoVessence SkinCare Center, are coordinated with IPL PhotoFacial® High Intensity Light treatments at the advanced Nurse Injection and Device Center to manage more effectively this challenging problem. Small linear dilated blood vessels, called telangiectasias, that are located especially around the nose, can be eliminated by the use of a dedicated vascular laser that heats and collapses these annoying vessels.

Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki

Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
Few plastic surgeons can match Dr. Sasaki's combination of expertise, compassion, and experience. He's a distinguished educator and a renowned innovator whose work and research have influenced a generation of plastic surgeons. Dr. Sasaki will work with you to make the improvements you desire.

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Varicose Veins

Blood flow in the veins of your legs and ankles travels from the skin’s surface to larger and deeper veins through a series of one-way valves. The deeper veins are located between the calf and thigh muscles that behave as a “second heart” because they propel the slow moving blood towards your heart. Sometimes these valves weaken due to your genetic background, aging, weight gain, pregnancy, or infections. The flow of blood reverses toward the skin surface, producing varicose veins that bulge outward, especially in standing and sitting positions. Large and numerous varicose veins can cause the legs and feet to ache and produce swelling. Symptomatic varicose veins should be evaluated by a recommended vein center for possible laser occlusion rather than using sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy for Veins

Dr. Sasaki and his registered nurses inject a painless, but irritating solution, called aethoxysklerol (sclerotherapy), into your spider veins through a very fine needle. In a short time, the vessel walls collapse, getting rid of the vein clusters. A temporary compression dressing is immediately applied to the injected sites, followed by a compression garment. Sclerotherapy may require repeated treatments to control and eliminate annoying veins.

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