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Ear and Earlobe Surgery


Prominent or protruding ears are a common congenital anomaly. Torn or stretched earlobes are caused by wearing heavy earrings or trauma caused other reasons. These issues are surgically correctable with an excellent outcome and a very short recovery through ear surgery performed by Dr. Gordon Sasaki at the Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Large or misshaped ears are a common problem that can be addressed with ear surgery. Surgery is performed on children or adults. In children it is recommended to delay surgery until ear growth is near complete and before school starts to avoid bullying. Depending on the person, surgical repair usually involves an incision behind the ear, suturing the cartilage closer to the skull and molding or removing excess cartilage.

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Cleft or Stretched Earlobes

A cleft earlobe is caused by laceration by earrings and is usually in a straight line. It can be caused by use of heavy earrings or trauma from snagging on clothes or pillow.

Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki

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Gauge earrings have become increasingly popular in Western culture. When a person with prolonged use of gauge earring decides not to use them (new job, joining the military or personal preference), they are left with a large defect and an unpleasing stretched out ear lobe. Ear surgery at our Pasadena plastic surgery practice can correct this deformation.

Thinned out ear lobes are frequently observed during the aging process because of the loss of volume.  Plumping of the wasted lobe can be temporarily accomplished with the use of filler or enhanced fat grafts in our practice.

Elongated ear lobes are often present because of family traits, loss of volume and skin laxity, and heavy earrings.  Dr. Sasaki will discuss in detail surgical shortening of the lobe with a simple wedge excision of skin high on the lobe thereby preserving its normal curvature with a hidden scar.  If necessary, a different location of the earring opening is easily performed to achieve symmetry and balance.

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