Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

“I just want to thank you and the staff for your professional and comforting style during the process and especially during the procedure last week. The surgery nurses were especially skilled and made me feel calm during the session.” -SS
“I am so happy that I literally put my life in your hands. Your care for me has been more than noteworthy. I want to say thank you. Not just for so faithfully executing my procedures, but for all the nights spent over textbooks, memorizing muscle names and how they interact, learning new techniques to minimize downtime, and for passing your teachings on to younger doctors. Your calm speech, detailed pre-surgical drawings, and explanation of the procedures are assuring. Thank you for literally giving me a lift. You bring new meaning to saving face. Domo arigato gozaimasu.” -MB
“Dr. Sasaki is all I could have hoped for in a plastic surgeon. He has always provided the absolute best care, advice and treatment during every visit and for every issue. If you’re looking for a doctor whose knowledge is encyclopedic and takes the time to be caring, then Dr. Sasaki is someone you should consider visiting.” – MB
“Having grown up the daughter of a physician, I knew doctors were aware of the best practitioner in their field and would entrust the care of their family members only to those few, selected individuals. So about fifteen years ago, when I felt that my face needed refreshing, I asked my gynecologist, himself an eminent surgeon, to whom he would refer his wife should she ever express an interest in a facelift. He said she already had, and he, without reservation, had recommended Dr. Gordon Sasaki because he was meticulous, and his sutures were so precise as to be almost undetectable.”
“Thus began my long association with Dr. Sasaki whose skill, if possible, surpassed what I had been led to expect, and who, in addition, turned out to be a kind, gentle, compassionate, and caring man, who deliberately surrounded himself with staff possessing similar characteristics, as I discovered when he helped my daughter both physically and emotionally through a life-threatening illness.”
“Fifteen years later, a conversation with the same gynecologist, previously mentioned, revealed that nothing had changed. He would still refer his wife to Dr. Sasaki as being the best in the field, and with that I would concur. Thanks to Dr. Sasaki’s ministration throughout this time period, people who are not intimately acquainted with me find it very difficult to believe when confronted with my real age.” – K.H.
“I have had a fifteen year relationship with Dr. Sasaki and his wonderful team. It started with a simple eyelift to wipe away the tired look. All went perfectly. He never overdoes anything. Dr. Sasaki and his staff make helpful suggestions when asked, and never try to talk a patient into a procedure. Quite the opposite, I’ve had him and some of his aestheticians tell me that I did not need something that I thought would be an enhancement. They go for the natural look. Isn’t that what we all want? To be naturally lovely.” – L.B.
Dr. Sasaki, my world has changed! I feel more confident in my appearance every day and appreciated the care, concern and positive experience received from you and your staff. Thank you for what you have done for me.
– L. F.
“I have so much to say because Dr. Sasaki is so wonderful at so many levels. So here goes. From skin care to cosmetic surgery, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. His office and medical staff are always friendly and warm to me. I am always comfortable when I’m there. Post-surgical care was superb and Iook great! Dr. Sasaki is a true perfectionist. You can hardly see where the stitches were, and it was only six weeks after my surgery! Thank you, Dr. Sasaki, for your consistent professionalism and taking such great care of me.”
– S.R.
“I’ve had two procedures done by Dr. Sasaki. I am thrilled by all the results. I was also pleased with the pre-op and post-op sessions. I went into surgery with a full understanding of what was going to happen, making the whole experience easy and less stressful.”
“The doctor’s knowledge, communication skills, and a great office staff, made me secure and at ease for not only the procedures, but for any questions I might have had during the healing processes.”
“My thanks to Dr. Sasaki for giving me the results I wanted with a realistic expectation and helping me to take the next steps to good health. Thank you so much!” – W.M.
“Dr. Sasaki, thank you always for being a consummate professional! From the first time we met in 1998, you have been not only extremely professional about your duties, but also, you have exemplified a thorough and dedicated attitude needed to be successful in handling my various matters.”
“In every case, you have been quite proficient in answering all my questions regarding my different procedures. Your courteous and respectful attitude and behavior has always made me feel like more than just another “client.” Furthermore, your friendliness and punctuality have always made our correspondence easier, and I appreciate that.”
“In essence, I feel strongly o have lucked out in finding such an excellent, caring, dedicated and thorough physician like you, assisting me.”
“Again, thank you Dr. Sasaki, as well as your entire staff, for the hard work and dedication that the Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center prides itself on.” – B.S.
“Thirteen years ago, I was very fortunate to discover Dr. Sasaki and his staff. I trust these people implicitly, because I know I get the best advice, products and procedures available anywhere. I have never been disappointed. How often can anyone say that? About anything?” “So make your own luck. This is the place to do it.” – A.J.
“How does one describe exceptional? Dr. Sasaki is a brilliant surgeon, a lovely and caring human being who is always respectful of his patients. This is a doctor who listens, takes his time to understand and clarify he issues and always does an exceptional job. His character is reflective in his office staff. I often feel as though I am I the midst of a loving family. A professional, whose goal is to make you feel safe and as comfortable as possible. It is rare to encounter such a combination of positives.” – Y.K.
“World renowned. Dr. Sasaki is a brilliant, humble, respected surgeon whose work is impeccable. His office is timely, his staff personable, knowledgeable and discreet. The entire office, both surgical and skin care areas, exudes professional confidence that is unrivaled. Whether the procedure is small or complicated, Dr. Sasaki’s vivacity for his patients, coupled with his grace and expertise, guarantee patient satisfaction.” – S.J.
“Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Sasaki removed a deep skin cancer from the side of my nose. He then performed a reconstruction worthy of a master surgical artist. I told myself, if someday I would consider a cosmetic surgical procedure, I know where to go— and I did!” – E.H.
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