Privacy Policy

The safety and maintenance of your privacy and integrity during your care at our facility are priorities of our office. Our medical building has a security attendant positioned outside the building at all times during normal working hours. He is expected to patrol the adjacent parking structure and within the corridors of the building at regular intervals.

Because Dr. Sasaki believes that your physical safety is of paramount concern when you visit, the Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center is closely monitored during the week days and Saturday, at all times.

Dr. Sasaki and his entire office staff have established programs in place to evacuate you as safely as possible in the event of a building emergency (earthquake and fire). Safety protocols and mocked drills are practiced regularly by the staff with the advice and training from the Pasadena Fire and Police Departments on an annual basis.

The proximity of Huntington Memorial Hospital’s fully-trained medical personnel provides patients with full medical coverage, if needed.

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