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Author: Dr. Gordon Sasaki

A heavy, drooping, drape-like appearance (bat-wing) in the upper arms and occasionally extending down to the lateral breast mound, may make you self-conscious and may limit the type of apparel you may wish to wear. Exercise programs to strengthen the underlying muscles will improve tone but will not significantly change the excess skin and localized fat deposits. Slimming down frequently does not affect fat under the arms in a timely fashion and increases the amount of skin looseness after volume loss. If the underside of your upper arms demonstrates sagging fat and skin, an upper arm lift may be the best procedure for you.

The conditions that lead to loss of elasticity in the skin are most often from aging, heredity, and significant weight changes. In some cases, excess deposits of fat are within the loose skin, contributing to the pendulous nature of the bat-wing appearance. Based on your physical examination and expectations, Dr. Sasaki’s consultation will provide you specific information about the surgical approaches that optimally address your concerns.

For patients with a small amount of excess skin, the incision extends horizontally along the crease (axillary) line of the armpit. A small ellipse of loose skin can then be removed and its edge advanced towards the axillary line. With more skin, the incision may extend from the underarm to the elbow and down to the lateral breast mound, the length of which is dependent on the amount and position of the excess skin to be removed. When excess fat is planned to be removed, a direct excision of fat and skin or liposuction can effectively contour the shape of the underarm.

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After surgery is completed, an elastic dressing or compression garment is applied to reduce swelling and support the arm as progressive healing occurs. There may be a temporary drain tube to remove fluid collections. Dr. Sasaki will explain the entire procedure and provide you with specific instructions to ensure that your surgery is a safe and successful one. He will discuss the possible risks of an arm lift that include excessive and thickened scars, irregular and asymmetric shapes, delayed healing, bleeding, and infection. His staff will prescribe pain and antibiotic medications prior to your surgery.

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