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Author: Dr. Gordon Sasaki

Appearance of the face is affected by many factors such as age, disease, sun exposure, obesity or weight changes. Men and women throughout the Pasadena, Glendale and Los Angeles area seek facial rejuvenation desiring to improve their appearance. Fortunately, due to social media and medical shows, patients are more educated than ever and come to our Pasadena plastic surgery office with specific requests for facelifts, neck lifts, dermal fillers, etc. Most often patients need a combination of procedures to obtain the best results.

The aging face is made up of 3 problem areas: skin damage, skin sagging and fat deflation. In order to achieve the best results and a youthful, aesthetically-pleasing face, all three factors must be addressed. Therefore, we discuss skincare regimens with all patients seeking facial rejuvenation. This is a very extensive topic that is customized based on your skin color, tone, race, and lifestyle. If indicated, patients will be advised to add laser skin rejuvenation, a chemical peel or neurotoxin like BOTOX® Cosmetic to supplement their surgical procedure.

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Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki

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Facelift Incisions

Skin laxity and excess is addressed with a facelift. Using inconspicuous incisions behind or within the hairline and in natural folds of the face and ears, results are natural and scars are minimal and heal nicely. To avoid an obvious plastic surgery result, it is important to avoid tension on the skin. Dr. Sasaki avoids creating skin tension by tightening the deeper layers of SMAS and muscles then skin is redraped to avoid the “pulled look.”

Combining Procedures for Facial Rejuvenation

A facelift alone, however, does not correct the loss of volume that occurs with aging in areas such as lips, cheeks, jaw line and temporal area. The majority of patients presenting for facial rejuvenation would benefit from fat transfer to different areas to replenish the volume loss and give more youthful masculine appearance.

“I am a busy guy. I don’t want a facelift. I just want to fix this saggy skin in my neck.”

In many cases facial rejuvenation combines both a facelift and neck lift to avoid disharmony between already aging face that is not corrected and a youthful neck that exaggerates aging of other parts of the face. However, in select group of men with excess skin in the neck area, a neck lift can be a powerful procedure to restore contour along the jawline and in the midline. As with a facelift, it includes trimming skin and tightening the muscle underneath the skin. This can be done through a small incision under the chin.

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