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The aging face reflects the tired, drawn-out appearance of aging. Gravitational changes and the effects of deflation are accentuated, producing significant bulges and irregularities from the lid-cheek junction down to the jawline. During your extensive consultation, Dr. Sasaki will not only demonstrate these findings, but also explain the various reasons for their occurrence. He will then provide you with realistic surgical options to address each of these areas. The end-result is a natural age-appropriate appearance that you will appreciate for many years to come.

A facelift technique in a younger patient is different from that for a more aged face. Although younger patients present with tighter and firmer skin, they rarely exhibit increased laxity of structures below the skin. In this case, if there exists a small amount of skin excess, you doctor may recommend a hidden short scar incision in front of the ear to elevate the drooping deeper structures and adjust the skin for your new, natural and age-appropriate refreshed look.

Dr. Sasaki may recommend a complete facelift procedure for more mature patients who reveal drooping skin, cheek fat pad and platysma muscle. The incision begins with a short horizontal incision within the hair of the sideburn, follows the crease line in front of the upper ear, goes inside the well of the ear, and exits out along the crease line of the ear lobe. The deeper stable layer, named the superficial muscular aponeurotic system, is elevated and tightened to address the prominent marionette fold, extending from the corner of the mouth down to the mandible and the jowl. Suture suspension elevates the cheek fat pad back to its normal location over the cheek bone. He also may suggest the addition of fat grafting when there exist a deficient volume of the cheek pad upon elevation. Liposuction may be recommended above and below the jawline to provide a more contoured and sculptured look. Lastly, the freed skin is gently tailored and approximated to its opposite side in front of the ear to give you a natural and rejuvenated appearance.

Dr. Sasaki

Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki

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The complete facelift procedure takes about three to five hours to perform safely under general anesthesia in the hospital (especially with additional scheduled procedures) or under local anesthesia in our AAAASF-certified operating room located in our office. A minimal amount of swelling can be expected that resolves within three weeks. Since there are no dressings or drains, you may shower and wash your face daily after surgery. The few sutures in front of the ear are taken out within ten days. One can resume normal activities within six weeks.

In selected patients, Dr. Sasaki may suggest a nonsurgical tightening and elevation of the face and neck by Ultherapy treatment. This FDA-cleared device precisely heats at the muscle and skin level to promote collagen and elastin fibers to shorten and elevate mild-to-moderate sagging tissue by 3 months. This procedure may also be indicated for patients not yet ready for a surgical procedure or in post-facelift patients who desire further tightening without another surgical intervention. Please click on Ultherapy nonsurgical skin tightening for more information.

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