Nipple Correction

Author: Dr. Gordon Sasaki

Prominent or large nipples can be physically uncomfortable and lead to embarrassment when wearing bathing suits or light summer clothing. Large areolas or inverted nipples could also cause self-consciousness and stress in an intimate relationship. Dr. Sasaki offers surgical options to alter the appearance of your nipples. These procedures can be done separately or in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation.  During your consultation at our Pasadena plastic surgery practice, Dr. Sasaki will go over your concerns, history or future plans for pregnancies and breast feeding and will decide whether you are a good candidate for nipple correction surgery.

Dr. Sasaki

Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki

Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
Few plastic surgeons can match Dr. Sasaki's combination of expertise, compassion, and experience. He's a distinguished educator and a renowned innovator whose work and research have influenced a generation of plastic surgeons. Dr. Sasaki will work with you to make the improvements you desire.

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