Considering Liposuction? Here’s What You Need to Know

Considering Liposuction? Here’s What You Need to Know

Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, is a nationally recognized, triple-board-certified plastic surgeon with significant experience in cosmetic and aesthetic care.

Dr. Sasaki founded Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center to provide patients in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and the surrounding communities with the most advanced and effective surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in a spa-like setting designed to please.

From surgery to injection-based therapies to balanced skin care regimens, Dr. Sasaki and his world-renowned team create customized treatment plans that keep you looking your best at any age. Read what Dr. Sasaki wants you to know about liposuction and its benefits.

Why would I consider liposuction?

Liposuction is not for dramatic weight loss. Instead, it’s a body contouring procedure that helps fine tune your curves by removing those stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise can’t touch.

If you’ve reached and have a plan to maintain a stable, healthy weight, Dr. Sasaki may recommend liposuction to remove stubborn fat from the:

Liposuction may also be beneficial for individuals struggling with gynecomastia. 

Dr. Sasaki’s considerable surgical skill and recent technological advances in medical equipment and technique make it possible to accomplish liposuction with minimal blood loss and tissue trauma compared to traditional procedures.

What can I expect during liposuction?

Dr. Sasaki discusses the procedure and recovery phase in detail before scheduling your liposuction.

Generally, however, liposuction is an outpatient surgical procedure that’s performed under local or general anesthesia. Dr. Sasaki uses tiny, nearly invisible incisions to access the treatment site and small cannulas (hollow tubes) of varying sizes to suction off the targeted fat. His level of expertise leaves you with natural-appearing and balanced contours that improve the shape of your abdomen, arms, chin, or other treatment areas.

You can expect some tenderness and bruising at the treatment site for a few days following liposuction. Also, plan on wearing a compression garment for four to six weeks afterward to help reduce swelling and promote healing.

Liposuction offers permanent fat removal from the targeted sites, provided your weight doesn’t change and you maintain general fitness.

Am I a good candidate for liposuction?

Dr. Sasaki bases your cosmetic and aesthetic treatment strategy on a thorough evaluation that includes a physical examination, a careful review of your medical history, and a detailed discussion of your expectations.

Liposuction offers excellent results for contouring your shape. However, excessively loose skin related to pregnancy, aging, or dramatic weight loss may require additional treatment such as a tummy tuck or mommy makeover. You may also consider a nonsurgical body contouring treatment such as CoolSculpting®.

Dr. Sasaki works closely with you to provide the most effective and natural appearing cosmetic results for your needs and expectations.

Are you ready for a change? Schedule an evaluation at Sasaki Advanced Medical Center today for more information about liposuction and other outstanding services we offer. Call the office, or request an appointment online. 

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