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I'm So Embarrassed About How Much I Sweat

I'm So Embarrassed About How Much I Sweat

Excessive underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis) can make even simple movements like lifting a product off a grocery store shelf embarrassing. The condition also increases your risk of painful recurring skin infections.

Treatment for hyperhidrosis may include prescription-strength antiperspirants, oral medications, or Botox® injections to block the nerves that trigger sweat glands. Though helpful, most of these therapies offer only temporary relief.

Practice director and triple board-certified surgeon Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena, California, offers a better solution: miraDry®.  Recognized internationally for his exceptional surgical skill, Dr. Sasaki is also known for researching and advocating the most effective and safest solutions for his patients’ cosmetic concerns.

Learn why Dr. Sasaki and his team often recommend highly innovative miraDry for excessive underarm sweating and its associated odor.

Why do I sweat so much?

Your nervous system automatically triggers sweating to cool things off when your brain senses a rising body temperature. This is a life-saving reaction to fever-producing infection, increased physical activity, and other issues that may cause your body temperature to rise high enough to threaten your brain function and overall health.  

Some medical conditions can trigger excessive sweating, including diabetes, hormone imbalances (menopausal hot flashes), or thyroid disorders. Nervousness is another common cause of increased sweating.

However, primary axillary hyperhidrosis (meaning there’s no underlying health condition) is often related to overactive sweat glands triggered by faulty nerve signals. It tends to run in families, so it may have a genetic component, but primary axillary hyperhidrosis is not considered a physical health threat.

However, axillary hyperhidrosis can cause significant embarrassment and adversely affect your work, school, and social confidence. Therefore, the Sasaki team is happy to offer an effective long-term solution to this common problem.

What is miraDry®?

The miraDry system uses controlled energy (miraWave®) delivered to the underarm area with a handheld device to safely damage sweat and odor glands to the point that they no longer function. This in-office procedure is noninvasive and takes about 60 minutes to perform on both underarms.

At Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center, Dr. Sasaki or one of our registered nurses performs miraDry treatments in our Nurse Injection and Device Center. Local anesthesia administered at the start of treatment prevents discomfort.

Because sweat glands do not regenerate, results last indefinitely. You may, however, require two to three sessions to ensure an ideal response.

In addition, many people prefer not to use deodorants or antiperspirants to control normal sweating. You may undergo miraDry treatments even if you don’t struggle with hyperhidrosis. In that case, most patients require just one treatment for immediate results.

Is miraDry safe?

The miraDry system is FDA-approved and clinically proven as a safe, long-lasting solution for primary axillary hyperhidrosis. In addition, Dr. Sasaki notes that the human body contains more than four million sweat glands, but only 2% are in underarm areas. Thus, eliminating axillary sweat glands does not affect the body’s ability to cool itself.

Schedule an evaluation at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center today for more information about our surgical and nonsurgical services, including miraDry to control excessive underarm sweating.


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