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The Rise of Regenerative Aesthetics

The Rise of Regenerative Aesthetics

Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon recognized globally as a leader in plastic surgery and nonsurgical regenerative aesthetics. He is also the founder and director of Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena, California.

His multi-tiered practice reflects Dr. Sasaki’s expertise in successfully utilizing surgery or nonsurgical regenerative aesthetics techniques to meet his clients’ needs and expectations. As a lead investigator, independent evaluator, and educator for many regenerative therapies, he also has a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t.

Read what Dr. Sasaki says about the rise of regenerative aesthetics and the benefits these innovative therapies offer.

What is regenerative aesthetics?

Regenerative aesthetics is all about using nonsurgical treatments to tighten, tone, and otherwise revitalize the skin. This approach emphasizes using natural ingredients and cutting-edge technologies that support the body's biological healing processes to restore a youthful appearance and promote long-term skin health.

Based on your initial evaluation at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center, Dr. Sasaki notes that he may recommend regenerative therapy versus surgery, or sometimes a combination of both, to accomplish your cosmetic goals.

What are the benefits of regenerative aesthetics?

The benefits of regenerative aesthetics are many, including a nonsurgical but highly effective solution for:

Dr. Sasaki may also recommend regenerative therapies for acne breakouts, rosacea, and other troublesome skin conditions.

What regenerative treatments are available?

Regenerative aesthetics include a wide variety of treatments. Dr. Sasaki has carefully researched the therapies available at his practice for patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

Some of the most popular regenerative treatments at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center include:

Though regenerative aesthetics can’t always replace surgery, innovations in technology and technique continue to improve their effectiveness.

Which treatments are right for me?

The effectiveness of regenerative treatments depends on the nature of your cosmetic concerns and your provider's expertise.

Dr. Sasaki customizes your treatment strategy based on an initial evaluation, a detailed discussion of your cosmetic goals, and other pertinent factors such as your age and health history. He’s always happy to answer your questions about the treatments he recommends and why.

In addition, his carefully chosen and highly trained staff includes registered nurses and certified skin care specialists who share his passion for providing every patient with an unsurpassed level of personalized care.

Dr. Sasaki believes you’ll also greatly appreciate his center's spa-like, welcoming atmosphere, adding a restorative effect to your overall experience here at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetics.

For state-of-the-art care that meets your needs, schedule a visit at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center today. 

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