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Which Method of Hair Removal Will Work Best for Me?

Which Method of Hair Removal Will Work Best for Me?

Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center is a multi-tiered aesthetic practice in Pasadena, California, that offers an outstanding selection of highly effective cosmetic surgical procedures, nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, and skin care regimens for men and women of every age.

Each service has been carefully researched, tested, and approved by triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Sasaki. He works closely with his team of expertly trained skin care specialists to ensure your experience at the practice meets his high standards for patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

Hair removal methods at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center include waxing for long-term results and a somewhat more permanent solution with laser hair removal.

Waxing for long-term hair removal

Suitable for all body areas, waxing is a popular hair removal technique that typically offers longer lasting results than shaving.

The products we use at Sasaki Advanced Medical Center are professional-grade and offer results that last for four to six weeks compared to the typical three to seven days with shaving.

During a waxing treatment, we first clean and prepare your skin. Then we apply the waxing substance and remove small sections, along with the hair. You will likely experience discomfort as the wax is pulled away, but it’s a brief sting that’s typically well-tolerated.  

At your initial consultation, your skin care specialist explains pretreatment requirements, the waxing procedure in detail, and aftercare instructions targeted at preventing irritation.

Generally, for instance, hair targeted for removal must be one-quarter inch long since the wax needs something to grip. You should also avoid use of fragrances and hot or steamy showers and baths for a few hours to prevent skin irritation.

Your specialist also provides helpful suggestions for exfoliation until your next session and other ways to keep your skin smooth and glowing in the interim.

Laser hair removal

At Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center, we use the advanced LightSheer® DUET Laser System to permanently eliminate or significantly reduce hair growth on the:

Dr. Sasaki prefers the LightSheer system because of its effectiveness, high safety rating, and essentially painless performance. 

Your treatment specialist will, however, perform a patch test prior to treatment to ensure you won’t experience an adverse reaction to laser hair removal.

As your specialist moves the handheld laser device over your skin, pigment in the hair shaft absorbs heat generated by the laser energy. This destroys the growth centers and results in a permanent reduction of the majority of growing hairs.

Temperatures are controlled to prevent discomfort as well as damage to surrounding skin and other tissue structures.

You will require several treatments for full results since the laser only affects hair in the active growth cycle. About 20% of your hair is in the growth cycle at any given time.

Thanks to the advanced technology offered by the LightSheer DUET, however, the sessions are quick. It generally takes about 15 minutes to complete a treatment on both legs.

Which hair removal treatment is best for me?

During your consultation, your skin care specialist discusses your expectations as well as the time you’re willing to commit to a hair removal routine and makes recommendations based on those guidelines.

Waxing, for instance, is often preferred to shaving for its convenience and effectiveness. However, the results are not permanent. Treatments must be repeated every four to six weeks to maintain results.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, offers a more permanent solution but takes several treatments spaced several weeks apart for optimal effects.  

Otherwise, both treatments are generally safe and effective for all skin types and hair color.

For outstanding aesthetic care that’s customized to fit your needs and guided by the highest level of medical skill and expertise, schedule an evaluation at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center today. 

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