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Exosomes and exosome treatment are an exciting area of medical aesthetics, one that many people are ready to explore. At Dr. Sasaki’s plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine practice in Pasadena, California, you have access to the very latest treatment options, including exosomes. Call the office today to schedule a personalized visit, or use the easy online booking tool to set up an appointment.

Exosomes Q&A

Why are exosomes important?

Virtually all of the cells in the human body create exosomes, which are tiny cellular “containers” that depart from one cell and travel to others. Inside these little “packages” lie proteins, genetic material, and other molecules. 


One way to think about exosomes is as small messengers that enable communication between different cells. This interplay between cells plays a role in immune function and in the ways the human body degenerates and regenerates. Many studies focus on better understanding the way exosomes affect human health. 

What are some ways exosomes can improve medical aesthetics treatments?

Once exosomes bind to the surface of a new cell, they can release their contents into that cell. The result can be renewed cellular activity. 


Some of the potential benefits of exosomes in medical aesthetics and plastic surgery include:


  • Swifter healing times
  • Skin hydration
  • Boost in collagen and elastin production
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation
  • Smoothed fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firmer skin
  • Hair restoration


As with all advanced treatments, exosome therapy is a highly customized process. When you sit down with Dr. Sasaki for your consultation, he explains the treatment avenues best suited for your unique set of needs. You’ll learn whether exosomes are a good fit and how they can be incorporated into your treatments. 

How can I be sure that exosomes are safely used?

When seeking out advanced medical aesthetics treatment, it’s absolutely essential to work with skilled and experienced medical professionals. This is especially true in any case in which a treatment could enter into the deeper layers of your skin or your internal tissues. 


Exosomes should always come in single-use vials, and never from larger containers in which cross-contamination is possible. These treatments should be done using the highest possible safety standards. 


Sourcing is also important. Dr. Sasaki only procures exosomes and other treatment materials from trusted sources that represent some of the leaders in the medical aesthetics industry. There’s never any corner-cutting involved, and his team is happy to discuss the source of any of the tools and materials used in treatments. 


If you’d like to explore exosomes in more detail, booking a visit is the best place to begin. Call the office during normal business hours to schedule an appointment, or spend a few moments on the contact page to set up your appointment online any time of day.