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Author: Dr. Gordon Sasaki

The mouth and lips undergo many changes with aging. The upper lip lengthens, sags, and thins with fading of the lip roll. Wrinkles appear and lipstick smears. The corners of the mouth droop along with the development of a deepen furrow, referred to as the “marionette line.” The lower lip undergoes similar thinning with loss of its lip roll and develops a horizontal groove. Although Dr. Sasaki may offer fillers to improve the aging appearance of mouth and lips, these techniques requiring repeat filling.  Dr. Sasaki offers longer lasting procedures such as surgical upper lip lifting and corner lifts. Please click on fillers, for more information.

Upper Lip Lift

Surgical procedures to elevate the sagging upper lip include the lip lift that shortens the lip by removing a small ellipse of skin under the nose-lip junction, creating a fuller mucosal show. The wavy scar is camouflaged the shadowed crease between the nostril and the lip.

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Corner Lift

The corner lift elevates the downturned corners of the mouth that changes an unhappy appearance to a more serene look. This procedure removes a small triangle of skin above the corners of the mouth.

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