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The Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center (800 South Fairmount Avenue, Suite 319) has been located in the beautiful four-story Huntington Medical Plaza Building in Pasadena, near Los Angeles, since 1985. Our plastic surgery and skincare facility is situated within the largest health care corridor in the San Gabriel Valley adjacent to the Huntington Memorial Hospital and nearby Huntington Outpatient Facility.

Our newly renovated and expanded facility occupies over 6,500 square feet and was designed by Dr. Sasaki specifically with your safety, privacy, convenience, and care in mind. Our distinguished practice is comprised of 3 Centers of Excellence under 1 surgeon and within 1 physical structure.

The Surgical Center has an elegant waiting area for your comfort. The professional receptionists will welcome and treat you with respect and dignity. There is a dedicated and up-to-date photography room adjacent to consultation rooms, an operating and recovery room, and the nurse and business offices.

Advanced Aesthetic Medical Surgical Center

Registered Nurses

our procedure roomsThe Nurse Injection and Laser Center is situated next to the office manager’s office and consists of 3 specialized, modern rooms that are equipped with the most current and efficient medical devices. Patients can enjoy a comfortable and lovely waiting area and listen to the sounds of our commissioned water art installment. The nurses’ office area is separated from the patient area so that this professional working space is kept in a secure and confidential setting.

The office manager’s office is both comfortable and private and located at the center of operations. This office is linked to all areas of the facility by upgraded computer networks so that rapid communication is possible to coordinate your care.

Advanced Nurse Injection, Device and Laser Center

Skin Care Specialists

our waiting area

The well-designed, soothing, and inviting Sasaki InnoVessence SkinCare Center is connected to the Nurse Injection and Laser Center. The receptionist area and skincare product displays have been arranged with you in mind. Sophisticated and private, these areas allow you to experience the fragrance and feel of the products. Surrounding the reception area are the multiple private and spa-like rooms with soothing lights and music. You will enjoy listening to the gentle sound of cascading water drops from our spectacular commissioned water artwork.

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