How Fat Can Regenerate Your Cells

How Fat Can Regenerate Your Cells

Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center, serving patients in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and the surrounding communities. He’s recognized internationally as a leading expert in investigating and developing highly effective solutions for aging skin.

Dr. Sasaki has spent a decade researching and utilizing fat transfer to tackle the signs of aging through enhanced cellular regeneration, noting excellent results in his multi-tiered practice. Read why this advanced therapy meets his rigorous standards for patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

How does fat regenerate cells?

Adipose tissue (fat) contains stem cells and growth factors that stimulate tissue repair and cell regeneration. Adipose-derived regenerative cells (ADRCs) enhance your body’s ability to grow new cells to repair or replace tissue destroyed by injury, disease, or aging.

ADRCs are obtained with a minimally invasive surgical procedure known as an autologous (obtained from your own body) fat transfer.

During a fat transfer, Dr. Sasaki extracts fat from your hips, buttocks, or belly and uses a centrifuge to separate the stem cells and growth factors from cellular debris. He then injects the purified substance into targeted treatment areas, where the stem cells replicate and build new tissue.

Fat transfer is proving effective in treating burn scars, radiation wounds, acute graft-versus-host disease (a potential complication of organ transplant), and immunological disorders such as immune thrombocytopenic purpura, which causes excessive purplish bruising.

Dr. Sasaki may also recommend fat transfer for reconstructive surgery, scar repair, and various aesthetic therapies to reduce the signs of aging. 

Which aesthetic treatments include autologous fat transfer?

Based on your initial evaluation results, Dr. Sasaki may recommend autologous fat transfer to:

Autologous fat transfer combined with platelet-rich plasma, applied via medical microneedling, can also stimulate hair growth on the scalp.

Is fat transfer safe?

Fat transfer is safe, and results appear natural when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon with extensive experience in the procedure. In addition, because Dr. Sasaki obtains the ARDCs from your own body, there are few, if any, risks of infection or rejection. Results from fat transfer are permanent. However, it can take several weeks to months to experience the full cosmetic benefits. Dr. Sasaki discusses expectations and timing before scheduling your procedure.

Contact Sasaki Advanced Medical Center today to schedule an evaluation regarding fat transfer or any of the surgical, nonsurgical, or skin care services we offer.


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